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Nepeta: Regret everything.

You view your SHIPPING WALL again.

This time, you notice that there is a certain part of the wall that you do not quite recall painting.

Upon further examination, it is clear that this portion of your SHIPPING WALL was painted while you were high off your nook on SOPOR SLIME PIES. While you vaguely recall the details, you remember that you acted quite SILLY and OUT OF YOUR MIND. That would definitely explain some of these new ships. Yep.

Examine this mess.Collapse )

> Nepeta: View ACTUAL shipping wall.

Nepeta: View shipping wall.

You view your SHIPPING WALL.

It is your pride and joy. It is a lot of work to keep it updated, but it is worth it.

At the moment it holds pairings of your closest friends, but once you get to know the other aliens and humans that live in the CASTLE, you know you will have so many more additions to make to your wall. In fact, you are so certain of this that you are already considering expanding the wall.

View shipping wall.Collapse )

Nepeta: Copy Vriska's HMD POST

Your name is VALERIE.

You are a HUMAN who likes to pretend to be a TROLL from the webcomic MS PAINT ADVENTURES: HOMESTUCK, but you are well aware that you are not the best at such a task.

That being said, you may SCREW UP from time to time, or create issues with CHARACTERIZATION. Yes, this fandom is all so very new to you, so you hope and wish and prod and meddle for your peers to help you out in the form of CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM.

You do hope to stay away from FLAMING. There is only so much your little human heart can take. You remain strong, though!

Comments SCREENED.
IP logging OFF.



Your name is NEPETA LEIJON.

You are an adorable TROLL from the webcomic MS PAINT ADVENTURES. And like your furriends, you also have a QUIRK when you write. :33 < *your sp33ch precedes itself with the face of your lusus who is pawssibly the cutest and purrhaps the bestest kitty you have ever s33n!*

You realize this quirk may make some want to CLAW THEIR EYES OUT. You have decided to leave this PURRMISSIONS POST so that others can tell you when to stop this goshdarn silly way of typing.

Comments are SCREENED.

Vriska and Nepeta: Say things.

859K 5:09
(no transcription available)

thiefoflight and I recorded some things for the Voice Acting Meme. Derp!
863K 5:09
(no transcription available)

This is more shenanigans for the voice acting meme that have nothing to do with Homestuck. Move along!